Many of my design and construction philosophies can be attributed to watching and working with my father for many years. Whether it be framing an addition to the house, landscaping the backyard, or plumbing a new sink, there was always a sense of pride and integrity instilled into every project. The “do it right, or don’t do it at all” mentality my father portrayed is the foundation for each piece I create.

I’ve structured my business around innovative designs that are focused on clean aesthetics and maximum functionality. Oftentimes products are designed in a manner in which one of these factors is sacrificed, or neither are present. I believe aesthetics and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Whether it be a tool, watch, musical instrument, or kitchen knife, we all own something that functions well and we cherish it for that reason. I feel that a piece of furniture should be no different. I design each piece to be as functional as possible for the end user, while remaining aesthetically pleasing today and for generations to come.

In order for each piece to be as functional as possible it must be constructed in a manner that far exceeds today’s standards. In a society based on excessive consumption, I feel it’s my responsibility to utilize all materials to their fullest ability. Proper planning allows me to incorporate superior fabrication techniques and minimize production waste. I fabricate each piece with the intent of it still being used 100 years from now.